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ALMA Lacto Plus+ (25kg)  ALMA Lacto Plus+ (25kg) 
ALMA Lacto Plus+ (25kg) 
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ALMA Lacto Plus+ (25kg) 

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LACTO PLUS+ is a bypass fat that consists of saturated and unsaturated long chain fatty acids which helps in improving body condition score.

LACTO PLUS+ offers an economical solution to increase energy intake during lactation and ensures high milk yield. The milk yield is increased along with the improvement in post-partum recovery of the body weight and body condition score.

Rumen inert fats offer an alternative means of providing metabolizable energy to cows. Rumen bypass fats are absorbed in the small intestine and do not contribute to rumen microbial growth and fermentation.

Dairy diets still must include carbohydrates such as cellulose, starch and sugars for the rumen microbes. Bypass fat also gives positive result in reproductive performance, and in maintaining reproductive efficiency.

- Optimize energy during early lactation
- Improve body condition score in early lactation
- Increase milk production